Do you yearn to know Jesus on a more personal level?  To grow your faith?  To have a stronger understanding of what Jesus has done for you?  Below are resources to help you answer those question and more, so let your journey begin as you develop a stronger relationship with your Savior!
Check out this 31 Day Devotional and “…learn how to break the cycle of negativity and prime your mind to see and receive the good news which is around you.” You can read the full description using the button below! 
Are you interested in finding a devotional that fits your needs?  Would you like to have the entire Bible at your finger tips?  YouVersion Bible is the perfect resource for your daily walk with Jesus.  Click on the provided button to begin your journey today!!
Are you hungry to learn more about God’s Word?  This resource will take you for a deep dive, verse by verse through specific books of the Bible.  Click on the provided button to begin your journey today!!
Verse By Verse Ministry

Are you looking for a daily devotional and inspiration in a video format that starts your day focused on God’s work?  This resource is for you.  Click on the provided button to take you to a listing of daily inspirations for your viewing pleasure.